Why Genius English

(Most Awarded English School)

  • Accredited by the Bureau of Immigration, Security Exchange Commission, and TESDA.
  • We have 1 on 1 classes (one student with the teacher) which will give the student the full attention of the teacher.
  • We have the best teachers as we have native teachers (American and British) together with Filipino teachers.
  • We have University Pathway Program (This is a program designed for students aspiring to enter and study in one of the top-notch universities and colleges).
  • Genius English Proficiency Academy in partnership with renowned institutions will provide the experience and knowledge that students will need towards fulfilling their dreams.
  • We also teach TOEFL and TOEIC, Business EnglishAviation English Course
  • Our students come from different countries like (Russia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Italy, France, Mongolia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Myanmar, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, and a lot more.) which will help you meet new different nationalities and different cultures and will help you improving your English language.
  • We Also have special program studying with excursions (Study And explore the best places in the Philippines).
  • We have our Accommodation inside our school.
  • Our School Located by the Sea.
  • Sea View Accommodation.
  • We have our own swimming pools.