Terms & Conditions

(Study English in the Philippines)

For everyone’s protection, we request our guests to observe the following:


1. Make sure all doors (main entrance and balcony) are locked when you leave the room and when you are inside especially before going to bed.

2. All rooms have their own safety box, therefore, all valuables like jewelries, money, passport and other important documents should be placed inside, any lost items because of your own negligence is not the school’s responsibility.

3. All guests should meet their visitors at the lobby and should not let them in the room. Guests visiting hours are only from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM on weekends and/or school holidays.

4. Unregistered guests or joiners are not allowed to stay/sleep overnight inside the guest rooms. If they have to then they have to register, pay the regular daily rate, and leave an ID and passport. Otherwise, Genius management will not be responsible for the consequences they might bring.

5. Students of different gender (male to female or female to male) cannot stay overnight or sleep over and visit other student’s room no matter what the reason is. When you break this rule, Genius has the right to dismiss you with no refund at all. Failure to do so, Genius will be forced to give you a written warning for the first offense and if caught the second time, then Genius has the right to expel the student/s with no refund at all.

6. Genius has strict rules of visiting to prevent disturbing students and tenants who are sleeping and resting; to prevent all kinds of crime such as stealing, etc.; disturbing other students who are studying; embarrassing sexual scandals; and discomfort of roommates with visitors.

7. Quiet hours are every day from 10:00PM to 6:00AM the following day. Please be quiet for other students and tenants in the building. Refrain from disturbing activities like running, shouting, loud music and causing trouble that annoy other guests.

8. Students are prohibited to do unauthorized removal, processing and damage behavior of facilities, doing any acts like assault that may cause trouble or harm to any person or the school.

9. Switch off the air condition and lights before leaving the room and never open the balcony while the aircon is on.

10. Switch off the shower and faucet after using. A Php 1,000 will be charged for failure to comply.

11. For students staying in a double room, should at least observe cleanliness inside the accommodation as well especially in the toilet or bathroom. Failure to do so will be charged Php 1,000 for such a behavior.

12. Should you spot any safety or security hazard in your room or anywhere in the hotel such as dangling wires, open electric outlet, etc. report it immediately to Genius staff.

13. Lost room appliances, damaged furniture and fixtures shall be reported immediately and will be charged automatically on student’s account. Lost keys will have a Php500 charge.

14. Changing of rooms is not allowed without prior authorization from the Reservation Officer.

15. Guests must turn-over the key to the Front Office clerk upon check-out. For groups, the said clearance shall

be endorsed to the group coordinator or guardian.


Sunday thru Thursdays : 11:00 PM

Fridays, Saturdays and the day before a holiday : 4:00 AM

*Student can go beyond the curfew as long as they don’t disturb other students especially those staying in double room and they should come to class the following day, subsequent absences without a valid reason is a ground for dismissal with no refund at all.


Weekdays (Mondays thru Fridays)

Breakfast: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Lunch: 12:00 NN – 1:00 PM

Dinner: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays)

Breakfast: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Lunch: 12:00 NN – 1:00 PM

Dinner: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Note: Students are not allowed to bring kitchen utensils such as (spoon, fork, plates, cups, bowls, pans and/or the like) in students’ accommodation. Students should provide their own if needed especially. If caught, students’ must pay Php 2,000 as penalty.

18. Alcoholic Beverages

Bringing any kind of alcoholic beverages is only considered in the room/accommodation but is prohibited in the school premises. Genius has the right to dismiss students who are doing public disturbance such as fighting, yelling, hitting, bothering other students due to drunkenness from the school and there will be no refund at all.

19. Gambling is strictly prohibited in rooms/accommodations.

20. Smoking Policy

Rooms/Accommodations, Classrooms, and Restaurants is a “No Smoking” place. There is always an area for smoking including the balcony of each rooms. A student staying in single accommodation is allowed to smoke only after paying additional Php500 for cleaning fee.

21. A study area is provided for each student, therefore, using individual classrooms for studying no matter what reason there is, is not allowed. Students must stay in the designated study area and nothing more. Students caught will and should pay Php 1,000.

Note: Students must follow the rules in our Study Area. Failure to do is subject to punishment and/or penalty.



Students will be collected PHP2,000 for violations of any of the rules or for the first offense. Violations, on the other hand, made by the students will be recorded. A written warning will be given for the second offense and per evaluation, Genius can dismiss students without any refund at all.


Criminal acts of theft, violence, etc., and if the student caught staying in the room of the opposite sex the second time will be expelled immediately. More than two accumulated warnings, students can be expelled without additional warning. In forced expulsion case, the student can neither be refunded nor complain.



1. Room Cleaning is twice a week. Students do not need to be in the room while it is cleaned, again, a safety box is provided in each room for valuables.

2. Change of linens will be done once a week, on Saturdays. Stained linens, blankets, bed pads, and towels will be charged accordingly.

3. Changing of rooms is not immediately possible. There must be at least 4 weeks stay in one room before changing otherwise needed. There is no extra cost unless it is a different type of accommodation.

4. There should be any problems regarding the accommodation’s facilities, immediately talk to the housekeeping officer-in-charge.


1. Each student has a laundry bag which is collected twice a week and must check and complete a laundry form.

2. Inventory will be done prior to check-out.

3. Underwears or undergarments and the like students’ or tenants’ responsibility to wash and is not part of the laundry services. The housekeeping staff has the right to refuse acceptance of the said service.


NOTE: All decisions made by GENIUS ENGLISH PROFICIENCY ACADEMY are final.




On the first day of class at GENIUS, all students will take the test and an oral interview to determine their level at which they should begin their studies.


Class schedules are provided to the students on their first day. Class schedules are determined by GENIUS based on course, level and teacher classroom availability. Students cannot choose to change set class schedules unless necessary and with a valid reason. Whenever necessary, the Academy reserves the right to alter the timetable and/or transfer students from one class to another, from one time of study to another, and to merge small classes or cancel classes and courses. GENIUS has the right to change the program, curriculum and the first day of classes at any time due to insufficient registration or whenever necessary.


Students should attend all classes and participate in activities unless there is a compelling reason. Attendance is monitored in every class by the teacher. GENIUS will not provide any make-up lessons missed by students due to tardiness, absence or late arrival. In cases, where regular teachers are unable to attend scheduled classes, GENIUS reserves the right to assign substitute teachers to take over the classes. If and when necessary, lessons missed due to a teacher’s absence will be rescheduled by GENIUS. If a student misses a make-up lesson, GENIUS is not required to reschedule it.


1. All academic concerns (i.e. books, lessons/topics, teachers, schedules) should be addressed to the Academics Department through each students manager.

2. Type of requests such as course extension, additional classes, instruction hours, or swapping should be reported to managers and addressed to the Academics Department.

3. Submission of requests must be done from Wednesday to Friday only.

4. Request for class changes must be granted the following week.

5. First come, first served basis only.

6. Downgrading is not permitted.


When students attend more than 80% of classes, they will get certificates from GENIUS. Otherwise, no certificate will be given for less than 80% of attendance.


If a student wishes to extend his course, he may do so by filling the “Request for Change/Action Form” at least two weeks before his last day of class. GENIUS Finance will provide the student with an invoice outlining the cost of extending the program. The student has to pay the Agency tuition and accommodation fees at least 2 weeks before his last day of classes. Minimum extension period is 1 week.

Unless full payment is received, all requests are considered invalid.


Students should wear their identification card at all times within the school campus. If lost, students should submit a letter for a replacement stating the reason for lost.


Students should go directly to their assigned classrooms for their classes. Teachers will wait for 15 minutes for them to report after which the teacher may report the student as absent. If you are absent, inform your teacher or the Academics Department. If the teacher is absent, wait for a substitute teacher or ask the Academics Department. Don’t make your voice too loud when having classes and don’t invite other students to join your class.


1. Food and drinks are not allowed.

2. Clean as you go.

3. No loud laughing and unnecessary talking.

4. No playing of internet games. Use headset if you need to listen to some activities.

5. No streaming as this may cause the slowdown of the internet connection.

6. Downloading of online games and viewing of pornographic materials are strictly prohibited.

7. No vandalism.


There will be no classes during official Philippine Local and National Holidays. Holidays will be prior announced by GENIUS. Some facilities during holidays may not be available for use. There are no make-up lessons for classes not held during the holidays.



1. Before admission/arrival

Cancellation of 3 weeks prior to departure (working days)

Refund: Full amount of registration fee charge.

2. After admission/arrival

• Security deposit, SSP issuance costs, alien registration card (ACRI-Card) costs, visa extension costs, textbooks are non-refundable.

Security deposit refund is effective one week after the application for cancellation.

Tuition + Accommodation

1. Less than 50% consumed period, 30% refund of the remaining weeks.

2. More than 50% consumed period Tuition and Accommodation costs are non-refundable.

3. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, such as health problems and the immediate family’s illness, accident or death, 50% refund of the unused stay regardless of the length of the booked period with valid supporting documents.

4. Expulsion from school due to a serious violation of house rules and grave misconduct.

Change of stay Room type

• Single room changed to double or triple accommodation or double to triple room accommodation is non-
refundable. However, switching back to the single room accommodation is allowed subject to the room availability.

※ Transaction fee of the refundable amount will be shouldered by the client and will be deducted from the refundable amount.


In cases of a business strike, delayed flights, natural calamities like typhoons, earthquakes, and other circumstances beyond our control, it is understood that GENIUS or the Agency does not have any responsibility. GENIUS will not be liable for any loss of life, money, or property during unauthorized field trips as well.

I have read and understood the school’s Refund Policy and would obey and respect all these.

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